Viviane Hagner


Krzyzowa Music

“Inspired by the many summers I spent at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont as well as by my activity on the Advisory Board of the Freya von Moltke Foundation, I discovered Krzyzowa to be the perfect place for a new chamber music festival in Europe. I am delighted that a number of my colleagues, including seniors of Marlboro, are joining Matthias von Hülsen and me to make this new European music project possible.”

From the summer of 2015 onwards Krzyzowa, Poland, a place that like no other stands for opposition against National Socialism, the exchange of ideas, culture and the European ideal, will offer internationally acclaimed artists and young, aspiring musicians the opportunity to live, rehearse and take part in performances together. The newly founded Krzyzowa-Music is an ambitious music workshop with a festival flair. Each year the workshop will culminate in a series of concerts in Poland (Lower Silesia) coupled with an international tour. Krzyzowa-Music will resonate throughout Europe.

For further information, please visit the Festival website:

Photography: Timm Kölln
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